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Sorry I have been absent from here lately. I have been absent from everything for the last two days, felled by a nasty combination of a stomach bug (that first crept up on me last weekend) and a bad back (that has plagued me for two weeks) that combined to keep me in bed and miserable. The first day I felt so lousy all I did was nap, sweat and shiver. But on the second day I continued my UK video binge and watched a WALLANDER, a LEWIS, two episodes of  THE FIXER, the latest episode of series 2 of ASHES TO ASHES, three series 2 episodes  of MOVING WALLPAPER, and an episode of MISSING.

I'm out of bed today, temperature  normal, eating again, and walking more-or-less upright (thanks to me finally giving in and seeing a chiropractor)…just in time to meet Aussie author Garry Disher tonight before his signing at the Mystery Bookstore. I am a huge fan of his work, particularly his terrific Wyatt novels (inspired by Westlake's Parker  series), which need to be read in order to truly be appreciated. I will try to behave like a professional and not a drooling fanboy.

Tomorrow, I will spend the day packing and getting prepared for my Saturday flight to London, where I will be spend a week meeting with various UK studios and networks…so you can expect more sporadic, rather than regular, posting.  

3 thoughts on “This and That”

  1. So sorry you were feeling under the weather and glad you are on the mend. When I am bed ridden, I still want to get my work done. Sometimes, I truly wish someone would come up with a mind reading device so that what I think about would automatically happen. I would get so much work done! But I’d have to turn it off at night, or else some pretty weird things might appear from some of the odd dreams I’ve had of late.
    Hmmm, maybe this would be a good Sci-fi novel.

  2. Sorry about the back pain. All I take are Advils and try not to move for two days until the pain goes!
    Hope you have real good luck in London!
    (My laptop finally died, and I’ve switched from Acer to Toshiba.)


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