Three Ways to Die

Three Ways to DieI've only written and published three short stories in my career — "Jack Webb's Star," "Remaindered," and "Bumsickle" — and just for fun I've bundled them all into THREE WAYS TO DIE, a collection that's now available for a mere 99 cents on the Kindle.  

"Jack Webb's Star" originally appeared in the anthology Hollywood and Crime. "Bumsickle" originally appeared in the anthology Fedora III. And "Remaindered" originally appeared in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine and was a Reader's Choice Award finalist (It's also been available as a download on Amazon for a few years now).  

Here's what some critics had to say about one of the stories…

"Lee Goldberg's 'Jack Webb's Star' is a riotous caper crime with a nasty twist that starts in a traffic school class in the Taft building, where among the offenders is a hapless man ticketed for drunk driving in his wheelchair…"
Los Angeles Times 

"Editor Robert Randisi solicited more than a dozen familiar crime-fictionists to contribute their own Tinseltown tales to this volume. Among the best are Lee Goldberg’s clever 'Jack Webb’s Star'” – January Magazine 

"Veteran television screenwriter Lee Goldberg has some fun with a small screen legend in 'Jack Webb's Star'" – Booklist

 "Top billing should go to Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch story, 'Suicide Run,' and to Lee Goldberg's 'Jack Webb's Star'—the former for the detection and the latter for biggest laughs," Publisher's Weekly 

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