Tom Selleck is Happily Stoned

I'm a big fan of Tom Selleck's JESSE STONE movies. I like them even more than the Robert B. Parker books that they are based on. The movies do very, very well for CBS, but that doesn't stop the network from inexplicably sitting on them for as long as a year before airing them. The sixth movie NO REMORSE, has been on the shelf since January, the seventh is currently shooting in Halifax, and Selleck tells Variety that he'd like to do an eighth…and see CBS broadcast two a year to add some regularity to what amounts to network television's last successful, TV movie franchise.

"We don't do cliffhangers. The movies stand on their own. But with regular viewing the audience gets the bonus of a continuing backstory," Selleck said. "People want to know what's going to happen with this guy. He's basically a decent guy with a lot of flaws. He's his own worst enemy…but he's a guy you want to root for.

He's got other TV and film prospects, but there's something special about Jesse Stone for Selleck — perhaps because he feels like complicated cop is carrying the flag for the longform biz on network TV.

"There's a market for us," Selleck said. "We're proving that the network TV audience does want to see movies — they just want to see good movies."

7 thoughts on “Tom Selleck is Happily Stoned”

  1. I have only seen the first three or so of these flicks but they were all quite good. I don’t see the point of sitting on them. Why spend the money and not broadcast them? After they broadcast the film they can release it on DVD and make some more moolah anyway The four DVDs owned at my library consistently check out.

  2. I like the Jesse Stone movies as well. Selleck just looks right for the role to me and I’m curious why they don’t show them on a more regular basis. Two a year keeps them fresh and, if there is an audience for them, what’s the problem?

  3. I’m a Jesse Stone fan, as well. The last one looked pretty hopeless for Jesse, so I’m glad to know another one has been made and may make it to my tv someday (hopefully soon). I like the dog character, naturally, and the theme music (sounds like Brahms).

  4. I’m curious the contributions made by Tom Selleck and Michael Brandman in writing No Remorse. Does anyone have knowledge of this and can fill us in?
    Kathleen Murphy
    Long Beach, CA


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