TRUE FICTION Videos Hit the Web

The first of many TRUE FICTION videos and trailers have hit the web (I shared some behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot a few weeks back). I really love this “movie style” trailer for the book:

And in this one, I personally invite you to read the book:

I can’t wait for the other videos to come out. They include short interviews and some embarrassing photos from my dark, mysterious past. They will be all over the web but I will be sure to share them here with you, too. I’ll also be sharing photos from my book tour, which begins April 14 at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego.

1 thought on “TRUE FICTION Videos Hit the Web”

  1. Just finished reading King City. I was disappointed to find out that it’s the one and only book in the Tom Wade series. In 2015, there was a statement I read on your blog somewhere that the next book would be started sometime within the year. I’m hooked. Please consider writing the next book as soon as it is possible (because I know you are probably really busy.) Thank you for your consideration of my request.


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