1 thought on “TV Main Title of the Week”

  1. OMG. That was my totally FAVORITE SHOW! It even displaced Star Trek because I had a such a crush on Cesare Danova.
    My crush was so acute that I didn’t even wonder why they kept machine-gunning the same 6 Nazi extras every week or care that, despite the machine-gunning, the gang could take the uniforms, which were somehow bullet-hole and bloodstain-free.
    Of course, when I tried to write a script for that show–I was a kid, but hopeful!–I addressed that problem. I think they **strangled** the uniform providers for that story. Then I hit on the idea that the people running the mission gave them proper uniforms from the start. The things a kid will obsess on!
    I *know* there is a paperback tie-in book for it. I remember trying to look up German swear words that the author used. “Actor” (Danova) was undercover as a general in it.
    YOU get a big sloppy cyber bear hug for this rekindled memory!! 😀


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