3 thoughts on “TV Main Title of the Week”

  1. Thank you for putting that one up! I loved that series!
    I was the only kid in my grade school who read James Thurber. Now you’ve got me jonsing for more. Think I’ll toddle down to the library and see if his books are still there.

  2. I remember that one, too! I recall thinking “hey, who is this Thurber guy?” So I checked a book of his stories and cartoons out of the library (somewhat to the bemusement of the librarian, if memory serves…I was, after all, seven years old). Precocious as I was, I was still a little young to get a lot of it, but the cartoons made me laugh, and the line “you are a booby, and I am going to put you in the booby-hatch” stuck with me for years. I’ve been a Thurber fan ever since.
    Think I’ll haul out my well-worn copy of “Thurber on Crime”.


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