2 thoughts on “TV Main Title of the Week – Bold Edition”

  1. I’ve never seen THE BOLD ONES but the opening credits there are very cool. Also, what a great cast! Hopefully I can find an episode somewhere to watch.

  2. The Bold Ones was one of those anthology “wheel” shows that were so popular in the 1970s. There were three segments that rotated: “The Lawyers” (with Burl Ives, Joseph Campanella, and James Farentino), “The New Doctors” (with E.G. Marshall, David Hartman, and John Saxon), and “The Senator” (with Hal Holbrook). During the first season, they had “The Protectors” with Leslie Nielson instead of “The Senator”.
    Most of “The Bold Ones” is dated, early 1970s melodrama. However, the major exception is “The Senator”, which has held up very well. Lots of location shooting (rather than just the Universal backlot) and no incidental music. Holbrook is great as the idealistic senator. That segment only lasted a year, but keep an eye out for the eight episodes – they are great (it won an Emmy for best drama during its single season).


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