5 thoughts on “TV Main Title of the Week Saturday Morning Bonus Edition”

  1. These are from the “Chessey Special Effects Collection” I presume.
    It is amazing how far TV special effects have come in the last few decades.

  2. One has to admire Filmation for preserving the tradition of low-budget TV science fiction shows on Saturday mornings in the ’70s.
    But what was up with the RV fetish?

  3. Ah, Filmation, the Republic Studios of 1970s television…utterly unremarkable how few of these actors went on to any sort of career, unless, like Sid Haig, they already had one.
    I have to wonder if the real sf writers who wrote for Filmation’s STAR TREK cartoon were drawn in, in part by even Filmation money being good for sf writers in the earliest 1970s…

  4. Oh, man, ElectraWoman and DynaGirl! I lusted after them before I was old enough to lust.
    I have to say, despite the low-rent nature of these shows, they sure entertained a lot of kids, and that’s got to be worth something.


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