TV Main Title of the Week – Hawaii Five-O Edition

Here’s the revised main title sequence for the new HAWAII FIVE-O. The big change is that they’ve scrapped their “reboot” of the theme and went back to the original orchestration.


3 thoughts on “TV Main Title of the Week – Hawaii Five-O Edition”

  1. Yup, a bit too rushed. There’s crank it up, and then there’s over-wound.
    Only one woman on the team. *sigh* Still a boys’ club.
    She looks like she can kick a&&. I hope she does so. Often.
    I’ll watch, but she better not need rescuing.
    James MacArthur’s wesbite indicates he will be in an episode. THAT one I will totally be there to watch!
    Maybe he could play a bad guy. I loves me them-thar baaad boys!


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