TV Cannibalization — it’s a Series!

I didn’t realize it before, but thanks to Bob Sassone, I’ve discovered that these TV cannibalizations (see previous post) aren’t just specials anymore, they’re a franchise, which is Industry-speak for a series.

Yahoo reports that NBC is mounting a TV movie about the making of MORK AND MINDY, which is "extending its successful "Behind the Camera" movie franchise."

"The movie is a celebration of a great sitcom and the comic genius of Robin Williams," said executive producer Matt Dorff. "It also explores the downside of the show’s overnight success when the network takes a hit show and tries to fix it."

But that’s not all. The movie stars little-known Canadian actor Chris Diamantopoulos as Robin Williams, and Dorff believes this could lead to much bigger things…

"We believe that — like ‘Mork & Mindy’ was for Williams — this is going be his springboard to TV stardom."

Hell, if that happens, this could be the start of a whole new franchise. In five or ten years, we could see movies about the making of movies about the making the TV shows. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

If I were Matt Dorff, I’d take lots of notes during the shooting…

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