Ugly Covers

Covers of POD books are notoriously awful. Like Pod-dy Mouth, I can usually tell if a book is POD with one glance at the lousy, unprofessional cover.  But now there’s proof that not all POD covers have to look like total crap…and Pod-dy Mouth found it. The cover of this book, WRITERS FOR RELIEF, is every bit as good as anything coming out of the NY publishing houses. I never would have known it was POD just by looking at it.

7 thoughts on “Ugly Covers”

  1. It’s a benefit anthology. My guess is they were able to get a real graphic designer to donate. The type most PODers couldn’t afford.

  2. It takes more than a good photograph to make a cover look professional — it’s also about font and composition, color and contrast, and the quality of the final print.
    Not only are most POD covers ugly, but the body of the books also look unprofessional. POD books seldom resemble a trade paperback from a “real” publisher in look or feel…and even the average consumer can detect the difference.


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