4 thoughts on “Unsold Animated THAT GIRL Pilot from 1972”

  1. I thought I had read that was an episode of ABC’s “Saturday Superstar Movie”, not an unsold pilot.
    Come to think of it, it was probably both. Maybe that’s how they burned off the product when it didn’t sell…!

  2. It’s odd. The Enchanted World of Rankin-Bass, by Rick Goldschmidt–and believe me, he is THE authority on EVERYTHING Rankin-Bass EVER–mentions this special as well.
    The reason btw that it’s so anime looking is that they used Japanese animation facilities in Japan, at least Mushi, when they weren’t using England’s award-winning Halas and Bathceldor. R-B themselves were American [NY based].
    Steve [whose favorite R’/B characters inlucde Prof.Hinkle, voiced by Marlo Thomas pal BIlly DeWolfe, as well as the Daydreamer cast].

  3. John S: Pretty much every episode of THE SATURDAY SUPERSTAR MOVIE was a pilot. As best as I can recall, only two went on to become series: THE BRADY KIDS and YOGI’S ARK (or whatever that was called).


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