Used Book Haul

Between meetings today, I snuck into a used bookstore and here’s what I walked out with…

VENDETTA by Ed Gorman
DONOVAN by Elmer Kelton
.357 VIGILANTE by Ian Ludlow (I couldn’t resist getting an extra copy)
.357 VIGILANTE: MAKE THEM PAY by Ian Ludlow (ditto)
SECOND SIGHT by Charles McCarry
SECRET LOVERS by Charles McCarry
LAST SUPPER by Charles McCarry

8 thoughts on “Used Book Haul”

  1. Never read the second .357 Vigilante book. Who gets pureed in this one? Or do I need to hunt it down on EBay to find out?
    (Damn. I just felt compelled to look up the proper past tense of “puree.” Professional writers are intimidating.)

  2. I couldn’t resist getting an extra copy
    I am the last person to sneer at anyone with more than copy of certain books: I have three copies of the Lord of the Rings, two Hobbits (the second looked very sad in a sale bin in a library and was 20p), three copies of Mary Renault’s, “The Persian Boy” (one a nice hardback from a charity shop, cost £1) and two copies of “Fire From Heaven”. I think I’ve also two copies of Robert Graves combined, “I Claudius” and “Claudius the God”.

  3. Whitewash was my favorite — any time Nazis end up using Loon Lake, WA as their base of operations, you have to admire the artistry. (I believe when the great scholarly works are written on the prose of Lee & Tod Goldberg, as well as Burl Barer, special note will be made of the fact that we all have used the same setting to kill people, over and over again…and the fishing ain’t bad, either.)


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