4 thoughts on “Watch My Sisters on THE VIEW Tomorrow”

  1. I’m watching it right at this very moment, Lee. Great segment. I LOVE scrapbooking! Before I became a publicist/talent manager/writer/producer I was a graphic artist and used to teach others how to record those special moments in their life with fancy pictures and albums and stuff, just like in the book. I probably have about 60 or 70 fine arts, interior decorating and graphic design books at home right now. Looks like I’ll be getting another.

  2. I just watched the segment. WOW! I was thinking the spot was going to be really cheesy, but it was a good reminder that you can create really cool scrapbooky art (even without a formal scrapbook) in no time. The segment was really rushed, but despite the frenzy I saw some really great ideas. Thanks for the tip-off, and big ups to your sisters!


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