9 thoughts on ““What do you mean they’ve got nothing to eat down here?””

  1. I suspect the fish was toxic…
    “Cynicism? Did you know that the U.S. is accepting financial aid for New Orleans and environs from the likes of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka?”
    Is that true? Surely that’s like Donald Trump accepting donations from starving Ethiopians?

  2. Judging from the lighting, this looks suspiciously like a Photoshop job. Kind of like the guy standing on the roof of the Trade Center on 9/11. Never happened. Someone dubbed in the plane (and it’s the wrong plane.)

  3. It’s a Photoshop job. Not even close to real. No one should take this seriously.
    If you can’t tell at a glance, look at where the hip of the blue jeans abuts the water in the background.
    Graphic designer and Photoshop wiz by day. It’s not even close to a good fake.


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