What To Do While Your Wife Is In Jail

From the NY Daily News:

While source-shielding journalist Judy Miller languishes in lockup, her husband
of 12 years, editor Jason Epstein, has set sail on a luxury cruise of the
Mediterranean, alongside the likes of Isabella Rosellini and J.K. Rowling. And
what does Ms. Miller make of this rather raw deal? Her attorney, Robert Bennett,
retorts, "We all serve our time in our own way." In today’s N.Y. Daily News,
Christopher Buckley, comic novelist and editor of Forbes FYI, speculates about
what Epstein might have said to Miller before embarking. "’Darling, I wouldn’t
be able to enjoy myself even if it were a nice cruise. While I’m dining
on foie gras, I will be thinking only of you, sitting behind bars in 110-degree
heat, eating baloney and being brutalized by prison matrons.’" Is he far off?
For now, Miller’s camp is putting on a brave face. On the record, Bennett
reports, "Judy wanted him to go very much. She insisted he go, because there was
nothing he could do for her during that period of time."

12 thoughts on “What To Do While Your Wife Is In Jail”

  1. Do de words “appearance of impropriety” strike a familiar note?
    I mean, Jesus, even I know women well enough to know that if she said something like, “oh, no, honey. please, go ahead and hang out with hot women on a cruise, I’ll be okay here in jail without your visits,” she doesn’t fucking mean it!

  2. I would never abandon my wife while she sat in a jail cell.
    I would instead cry on the shoulders of understanding and sympathetic strippers. Nothing assuages grief more than a good lap dance.

  3. Jim Winter: Brilliant. Sympathetic strippers. I love it to bits.
    Y’know, it seems hard but I can kind of see his point. If he really can’t help, how would his suffering assuage hers? Mind you, there’s ‘suffering’ and there’s going on a cruise…


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