What’s For Lunch?

While I was away, there was an amusing, and oh-so-true  article in the LA Times on the politics of food on a TV writing staff:

For the writing staff of the hit sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond," a
good meal "was more than essential," recalls Phil Rosenthal, the show’s
creator and executive producer. "I’d say it was the most important
element in terms of establishing a camaraderie on the show. Good food
makes you happy."

Rosenthal’s shop, four dry-erase boards had equal prominence. One
contained the titles of every "Raymond" episode ever produced, and
another featured ideas for upcoming shows. The third listed restaurants
the writers loved or wanted to try, while the fourth displayed their
favorite places for takeout.

No wonder Rosenthal named his production company Where’s Lunch.

2 thoughts on “What’s For Lunch?”

  1. That article was kind of grim, Lee. Working until the early morning hours (and missing out on family and life in general) is ok since the food is good? Is this how it really is out there?

  2. Well, Lee? What about the meals (and hours) in the writers’ office in Summit, NJ? You (and Mr. Rabkin) have been there a few times, now …


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