When are they going to do the MANIMAL movie?

First Owen Wilson was in STARSKY AND HUTCH. Then I SPY. Or was it the otherIce
way around? Doesn’t matter. Now his brother Luke Wilson has lined up TV redo of his own. Variety reports Luke is up to play Bobby Ewing in the DALLAS movie. Offers have gone out to John Travolta to play J.R., Jennifer Lopez to play his wife Sue Ellen, and Shirley MacLaine to be Miss Ellie. Meanwhile, Ice Cube is remaking WELCOME BACK KOTTER for the big screen with himself in the title role that was originally played by Gabe Kaplan. Really. I’m not making this stuff up.

7 thoughts on “When are they going to do the MANIMAL movie?”

  1. So it was actually true. Years ago I went to a library talk by mystery author Bill Kienzle, and somebody asked the infamous, “Where do you get your ideas?” question. His answer:
    “Anywhere but Hollywood. They don’t have ideas out there.”

  2. A Manimal movie would be awesome!!! I loved that show when I was a kid! Really, I wouldn’t want to see a Manimal movie, but to catch some of the old episodes on TV would be cool


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