Who Says There’s Anything Wrong with a Network Affiliate Owning a City’s Only Newspaper?

I liked Ken Levine’s observation about the Los Angeles Times’ coverage of the WGA Strike:

Good news! The LA TIMES has begun its Oscar coverage with a weekly
special section called THE ENVELOPE. Meanwhile, strike coverage has
been relegated to the Business Section. I somehow can’t see THE DETROIT
FREE-PRESS not running stories about an auto strike on page one. But
then again GM doesn’t own the DETROIT FREE-PRESS.

The Times is owned by Tribune, which also owns KTLA, one of the major affiliates of CW, one of the TV networks hit by the strike.

1 thought on “Who Says There’s Anything Wrong with a Network Affiliate Owning a City’s Only Newspaper?”

  1. There’s nothing much here about the strike, other than the Clear Channel AM station whining that HEROES is going to be interrupted and 24 delayed.
    At first glance, it might seem that this is because Cincinnati is in the Midwest, with the South literally in walking distance.
    Then you realize that Cincinnati is a company town for Clear Channel, whose radio division is still headquartered across the river in Covington, Kentucky; owns the ABC affiliate, feeds news to its AM talk stations from ABC, NBC, and ESPN (or, if you will, Disney and Universal.) And flagship station WLW is VERY cozy with Fox, despite ditching Fox News for ABC.
    So how does the strike affect coverage in areas not tied closely to the movie industry? You need only to look at who owns all the radio stations and how chummy those stations are with TV affiliates.
    Dear President Clinton: About that Telcom Deregulation Act. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!


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