Worse Ratings Are Worst Enemy’s Worst Enemy

Variety reports that NBC has canceled MY OWN WORST ENEMY after the series notched its worst ratings yet this week. The Christian Slater spy drama will halt production after wrapping their ninth episode, which they are shooting now. 

Meanwhile, ABC is mulling whether or not to pick up PUSHING DAISIES, though showrunner Bryan Fuller vows to continue the show as a comic book if the ax falls.

“The idea would be to finish out the season’s story arcs in comic
books,” Fuller said during a “Inside the Writers Room” night at the
Paley Center for Media Tuesday evening.  The comic would likely be
publshed by DC because “Daisies” is produced by DC’s corporate sibling,
Warner Brothers.  

The purpose of the comic book series would be “to satisfy the fans
and ourselves, to finish up the stories we’d love to tell” and to
“clear the slate for a movie” Fuller said.

6 thoughts on “Worse Ratings Are Worst Enemy’s Worst Enemy”

  1. I really like the showrunner’s attitude! His approach is taking power away from the network and putting it into his own hands. In Mexico City, there’s a nice market for graphic stories. They put them out in a small booklet form sort of like Reader’s Digest, but a bit smaller. And they come out each week! So this might be an alternatve market the showrunner might like to have a look at. The name of one of these weekly, graphic stories is: “El Libro Seminale” (which translates as “the weekly book.”)

  2. I predict Heroes will be next, which is unfortunate since it had great possibilities, but now it’s too confusing… too many new characters, too many plot twists and time jumps… you can watch a whole episode and at the end, still say, what the heck was that all about?

  3. A Pushing Daisies comic book (or preferably a series of graphic novels) could work, if only because the audience for the lowest-rated network show is larger than the readership of the best-selling comic book.
    The trick would be to market it, since I’m sure most of the audience for PD doesn’t set foot in comics stores. Since the trailers for the Watchman movie put the graphic novel (over 20 years old) onto the graphic novel bestseller list, letting PD fans know where to get the continuation of the show could make the comic a minor hit.

  4. I was so looking forward to My Own Worst Enemy, but the first episode was so bad I couldn’t watch it any more. I had no reason to root for Slater’s character.
    I love spy dramas. I thought La Femme Nikita (the USA series) was the best of the lot – the truest to life (about every other book I’ve read is about the CIA).
    This was just poorly written, poorly paced, and they managed to take an actor I had always liked and turn him into someone I couldn’t care less about. I’m glad it was cancelled. But darn it, I wish the show I had anticipated and wanted to watch had aired!
    And can I just add I feel gypped by The Mentalist? The pilot was one of the best I’ve ever seen, but I thought it was setting up a serialized drama, not a procedural, and I feel sorely disappointed, because Simon Baker is being wasted, as is the marvelous backstory that was introduced.
    Re Pushing Daisies, it was cute, but I just didn’t find it compelling to watch. I only watch a couple of shows a week – and while they aren’t that good any more, they were once, and I keep hoping they will be again (Grey’s Anatomy and Ugly Betty).


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