4 thoughts on “You Are Number Six”

  1. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Jack Kirby comic, but I already own two copies of the Disch novel, the original Ace paperback(50 cent cover price) and the IBooks reissue of a few years ago.

  2. While the Kirby comic might have been interesting to see (and I’ve seen penciled pages from it), I doubt it would have been a success — particularly issued nearly ten years after the TV series concluded. (But then, Kirby did a comics adaptation of 2001 around the same time; and it was apparently enough of a success to spin off an ongoing series.)

  3. I wish they would also reissue the David McDaniel novel, “Who is Number Two?”
    McDaniel was one of the best the writers for the Man From UNCLE tie-ins, and I was thrilled (back in the day) that he’d written a Prisoner book.
    He was one of my writing mentors back when I was trying to figure out the craft. He taught me how to get inside the head of a character not my own and make it work.
    There are individual copies of the three books floating around. I found an omnibus edition of them–with a price reflecting its rarity.
    I’m glad I’ve a first edition (well-thumbed) of the one I like the best!


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