Face of My Assassin

I’m really excited about the release today of FACE OF MY ASSASSIN, a powerful crime novel in the tradition of IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT and TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD by Carolyn Weston (who wrote the books that were the basis for the hit TV series THE STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO) & Jan Huckins. It’s a  lost literary classic that’s back-in-print for the first time in 60 years… and, unfortunately, it’s as relevant and provocative today as it was then.
I launched Cutting Edge Books specifically to publish this book and TALES OF A SAD FAT WORDMAN by Ralph Dennis because they didn’t fit in at Brash Books, the company I co-founded six years ago with Joel Goldman. Now those modest beginnings have grown into a more ambitious project to republish anything I like that has fallen out-of-print, regardless of genre, fiction or non-fiction, though at this point the titles have primarily been vintage paperbacks from the 1950s.
I’ve now got 50 titles in various stages of release and production for Cutting Edge…including novels by James Howard, Sterling Noel, Richard Himmel, Philip Race, Bart Spicer, John B. Thompson, Robert Dietrich, Norman Daniels, Ovid Demaris, and many others. The titles include my late mother’s fictionalized memoir ACTIVE SENIOR LIVING and THE STATUE OF LIBERTY IS CRACKING UP, a collection of essays she wrote with Marcy Bachmann about single parenthood and dating that was published in hardcover in 1978.
I am very, very grateful for the encouragement, advice and support from Paperback Warrior in this crazy endeavour and I look forward to hearing what you think of the books!

4 thoughts on “Face of My Assassin”

  1. I am support your project. I think books that are well written and worth reading should be read and now you can bring them back

    • Thank you, Ed. It has been a thrill for me with Brash Books to be able to re-release so many great novels that has fallen out-of-print. Cutting Edge allows me to expand that effort.


  2. “….a tale of intolerance, bigotry and hope that’s as relevant today as it was sixty years ago…”

    For that statement alone, I will not only not obtain this novel, but may well stop reading your wonderful books. Shame on you! “as relevant today” my ass!

    • You must be living in a bubble, Matthew, or have your TV muted when President Trump is speaking, if you believe that intolerance and bigotry aren’t pressing issues in our country today.

      I stand by what I said…and, if that means you can’t enjoy my books any longer, well, so be it.



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