The Mail I Get

Author Joel Goldman
Author Joel Goldman

I didn’t get this email…my good friend Joel Goldman did. But it was so wonderful, that I had to share it with you, typos and all:

Hi Joel… I pulled up best suspense thrillers on Amazon & you jack Davis books pooped up… I was really getting intoJacks stories, planning on contining thru all your novels… Just as I have thru Jack Reacher… But alas, you make some dumbass comment about Fox News in The Dead Man & you just lost a customer…. MSNBC??? You are as biased and diluted as some of the criminals in you novels… Good luck to you with those blinders on… Oh yeah… Make no mistake… I’m well educated, female, self employed, buy my own insurance & undoudtedly make a comparable income to yours… Put that in you liberal MSNBC cigar & smoke it… Hope your getting consistently laid with that small penis…

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  1. I am continually disappointed by some in our society. Basic manners seem to be unnecessary any longer. Respect for others get thrown to the side. Cowards get courage from anonymity.

    What really perplexed me was that the stories are just that “a story.” I like to read all views in a story because that adds interest.

  2. I’m a conservative, but I realized long ago that the literary world is primarily liberal. As long as the slight isn’t egregious, and the story is good, I’d overlook it. I doubt I’d scrap an entire book over “morons at Fox” unless the book was peppered with other such insults. My advice to that letter writer is to first learn the basics of writing before she writes anything else, and learn some manners, too.

  3. What a shame. We choose to read what we want. If she is offended by certain comments that is her right. But choose by reading someone else’s material. This email was unconstructive more aptly destructive. It shows her in a light that I really don’t want to know about. Liberal or Conservative – its from the author’s point of view. If you don’t like it, use real words that ask questions other readers might ponder. Insightful questions. Questions that make me want to know more about you or your characters (or the characters you would like to see). Lee I liked THE HEIST. Gave me fodder for novels I might like to write instead of non-fiction. Keep up the good work. It is hard to do when people are out there that don’t “use their words” (as I would tell a five year old). Instead of making it personal…make it constructive.

  4. Ai-yi-yiii! I wonder what kind of job she has that allows her such unconstrained, ridiculous, laughable misspellings.
    I don’t have to wonder what kind of woman she is who would say, and even think, the things she indicated, but I’m sure sorry she’s in my gender, much less my species. Ick.

  5. I once read a book (can’t remember the title) with a disclaimer in the first few pages because the author’s topic involved the devil and demons as friends of humanity. I suppose the author was concerned that people might be offended by this concept. Is it time for more authors to include disclaimers or is this a step too far?

  6. I love your use of the word “wonderful” to describe this email. What a character! And people ask authors where they get their ideas… All you have to do is watch and listen. We don’t even have to make this s#%+ up!

  7. Remember, Fox News is reported to have had people posting under fake names to defend themselves in internet discussions. Perhaps this is just taking that to the nest step.

    But I’m sorry to hear that Joel has become diluted.

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