15 Main Title Sequences From Quinn Martin Shows

I used to love all of those Quinn Martin-produced cop shows when I was a kid…and they remain a guilty pleasure of mine today. Here are fifteen main title sequences from Quinn Martin’s shows…14 series and one unsold pilot.

Dan August

Most Wanted

Tales of the Unexpected (Full Episode)



The Invaders

Barnaby Jones

A Man Called Sloane (Full Episode)

The New Breed


The Streets of San Francisco

The Fugitive

Operation Runaway (Full Pilot Movie)

12 O’Clock High

Escapade An unsold pilot — Quinn Martins attempt to remake THE AVENGERS.

11 thoughts on “15 Main Title Sequences From Quinn Martin Shows”

  1. Growing up, I wasn’t quite sure what Quinn Martin did, but he seemed to be more important than the show, and I was always impressed when I heard his name. And the shows were always the best.

    Another big name was Irwin Allen, and whenever it was a Quinn Martin or Irwin Allen show, I paid attention, this was important. To hear the narrator say, “This…is a Quinn Martin production,” brings back the old chills.

  2. Never knew he was behind the invaders show I was too young as it was aired too late on British TV but noticed the name quinn Martin as a teenager with TV cop Cannon great action show loved the theme then saw other shows like Dan August Streets of San Francisco Barnby Jones he knew how to grab yr attention still watch reruns when they’re on class

  3. Love Quinn Martin productions ,FBI ,STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO,growing up in the 60’s ,70’s It was the best in television .Brings back memories of when my family were all still here.Love watching the reruns Wish they were more on !

  4. Love stayin up late watchin metv, new stuff stinks, Martin and Allen shows so great. Has anyone noticed they used alot of same aliens in these different shows, lol cracks me up.


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