A Tragedy

If you’re a longtime reader of this blog, then you’ve heard me mention the amazingly prolific James Reasoner many times. Jim suffered a terrible tragedy today. He lost his house — and everything but the clothes on his back — to a fast-moving fire that was sparked by arcing wires above a dry field
nearby (a least according to one blog report). The good news is that he and his family survived unhurt, as Jim reports on his blog:

Livia and the girls and I all okay. I’m writing this on the local
library’s computer. Books, pulps, comics, all my work, gone. This is
totally overwhelming.

But we will come back, better than ever.  Sure would appreciate some thoughts and prayers along the way, though.

Please send positive wishes his way…and if you happen to have any copies of his books, I hope you will consider sending them to him when he’s got a place to stay so he can replenish his collection of his own work.

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  1. I feel very sorry about this. I have known
    James Reasoner a lot of years and have always
    admired his prolific writing skills.
    He also did me a favor once when he located
    a pulp magazine that contained a story of
    mine, the only one I lacked having a complete
    collection of my own pulp work.
    I can only imagine the heartbreak of losing
    the artifacts of one’s life’s work.
    All our best wishes go to James and his
    Elmer Kelton and Ann

  2. Jim,
    You have my deepest sympathies and my best wishes. We have a cathedral, here, in Guelph, Ontario, Canada that’s 150 years old and sits on the highest hill in the town. It’s a Catholic Church of Our Lady Immaculate. On Sunday, before mass, a candle will be lit for your rapid recovery and wishes for even greater success. Edison, at age 73 or 74, I believe, had a fire burn down his factory. The next day, he himself was at the site leading the clean-up. He said he’d build a better one and recover all his work, and I believe he did. That’s the story about him which impressed me the most.

  3. Western Writers Chat on AOL send prayers and wish James Reasoner and his family the best. We are so sorry to learn about the fire that burned his home and destroyed all of his written materials. Such a horrible loss. We are very thankful they were not injured in this terrible fire.
    God Bless them.
    Hosts of WWC online
    Margaret Bzovy
    Sandy Whiting
    Kim Johns

  4. Jim and Livia had a large collection of pulp and western material, as well as a vast research library and books given them by friends. They collected it lovingly over many years, and it was a treasured part of their lives. I am proposing that we all help them rebuild their collection, when it becomes appropriate to send things to them. i can and will make a start on it.

  5. To see some helicopter video of the fires in Texas last Tuesday, go to http://www.star-telegram.com, scroll to the bottom of the page to the tab “Online Exclusives” and click “A chopper’s view of fire damage in Chico, Paradise”. It’s pretty chilling.
    I have no idea if Mr. Reasoner’s home is featured in the video (or if he lived in either of these communities) but it helps to visualize the devastation.
    Our prayers are with the family.


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