A Screenwriter’s Process

TV Writer Paul Guyot is about to start writing a pilot on a 12-day deadline…but before he gets started, he shares the details of his writing process. It’s fascinating…unique…and familiar all at the same time. Every writer has their rituals…here’s what Paul does if he hits a wall:

I’ll give myself usually no more than a few hours of "stop time" then I jump back in. In a new location, new clothes – yes I’ll actually change clothes – and hopefully with new energy.

I have a different ritual.  I take off all my clothes, sit naked in front of the computer, and work on some Real People Slash M-Preg Fanfic for an hour or two.

6 thoughts on “A Screenwriter’s Process”

  1. DAMMIT! I owe everybody five bucks again!
    And I have cornflakes all over my monitor.
    Lee, the secret to true success in the RPS Mpreg stakes is to SEND your completed story to the Real Person in question along with a notice detailing how you mean your effort as homage.
    Better yet, post it on the internet in a really visible place and get all tingly when the poor bastard’s kids stumble across it during an unfortunate Google episode.

  2. I KNEW it! That’s why you won’t hurt Steve in your DM novels. You’re an mpregger.
    You make me sick. People like you make me want to give up hurt/comfort and never leave my trailer again!
    – Orvis Neddelbeck,
    Trenton, Ohio


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