Another Reasoner Update

The Weatherford Democrat wrote about the Reasoners in their coverage of the wild fires that raged   "from Johnson to Tarrant County lines" in Texas:

James and Livia Reasoner lost their home on Colby Lane near Flat Rock Tuesday.

said he was sitting at his computer when he smelled smoke. He looked
outside and found a line of fire reaching across his property, racing
to his home.

“I grabbed a hose and got the dog,” he said.

Another dog escaped the blaze, but a family goat, three cats and a bird were lost.

“We lost everything,” Livia said. “All of our clothes — everything.”

The Reasoners are both writers and lost a book collection and ones they wrote along with family heirlooms and photos.

Wednesday, they were called back to what used to be their home, only to find it caught fire again.

An alleged illegal burn was to blame.

“I can’t believe after yesterday someone would be burning today,” Livia said.

couple repeatedly thanked Silver Creek firefighters for their help in
putting out the flames and saving a relative’s home next door.

Firefighters simply said it was their job.

“We’re all alive,” she said gratefully. “At least we had insurance.”

James let out a long sigh. “We’ll just start over.”

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  1. Went to church to light a candle for you but, if you can believe this, the church has no candles due to fire regulations and fire insurance woes. Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t light a candle, which, of course, would have burned down the church.
    But at least the mass was offered up for you and I put twice my usual amount into the collection basket. My prayer is that a Higher Power will multiply it as in the fishes and loaves and send it to you quickly.


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