Authors Guild Investigation into Agent Nancy Ellis

I received this email today:

Last October, we alerted members that literary agent Nancy Ellis
(also known as Nancy Ellis-Bell) , formerly an agent in Litwest Group, had
settled a suit brought against her by Authors Guild member Raymond Barnett. Mr.
Barnett’s suit alleged that Ellis had failed to remit to him any of a $7,500
advance payment she’d received from Tarcher/Penguin on his behalf in December

We have now learned of a new judgment against Ellis, filed on April
26 in Mendocino County, California, for the wrongful retention of $19,000 of one
of her client’s funds.  In addition, several other current and former clients of
Ellis have recently contacted us claiming that she has withheld advance and
royalty payments owed to them.

of course, quite serious charges, and we’ve assigned an in-house lawyer to
review all aspects of this matter. If you’ve been a client of Nancy Ellis and
have not yet contacted us, we urge you to do so.  Please e-mail us at or phone (212) 563-5904 and ask for Michael Gross.

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  1. Nancy’s past is filled with clashes with the law and the truth. Run her name(s) through WESTLAW the legal database and you will see for yourself. She is a grifter! Check out her background from 1980 to 1994. Clamper


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