Be Conventional

Writer/producer Lisa Klink regularly posts great advice for aspiring TV writers on her blog. Today she’s talking about writing the episodic spec script:

Your first spec or two should demonstrate that you know how to
follow the rules, and imitate the format and voice of a show.  Your
“why not” script should show off your voice.

She also shares a very instructive anecdote:

I heard a great story from a fellow drama/sci-fi writer:  she wrote
a “Lost” spec about Vincent.  Yes, Vincent, the dog – complete with a
flashback to his life before the crash.  Wouldn’t you immediately grab
that off the pile and read it?  A lot of people did.  My friend got a
slew of meetings off her spec and, more importantly, a job.  She also
had a “West Wing” spec, but it was the “Lost” which really launched
her.  As we were talking about this, she said something particularly
smart about sending out a spec: “You don’t need everyone to like it.
You need someone to love it.”  Exactly.

Lisa is also a recent JEOPARDY champion, surviving for a full week before getting bounced on a question about….writers. That had to hurt.

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