Black Coat Press

I heard over the holiday from my old friends Randy & Jean-Marc Lofficier. They are having great success with their Black Coat Press, which does English translations of classic French mysteries, comics and stage plays. Their titles include three classic Arsene Lupin-Sherlock Holmes novels from the early 1900s and NICK CARTER VS. FANTOMAS, a never-before-translated play from 1910 (the book also include an extensive introduction by Jess Nevins on the history of Nick Carter). Check them out!


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  1. I’m pleased as rum punch to say I’m one of the writers for Randy & J-M’s TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN series (The 4th volume has just been released). They are good folks who take a firm yet gentle editorial hand. We have a lot of fun writing these tales and we know everyone will have a good time reading them…
    Especially if you like secret societies, poisons, weird menaces, daggers to the throat, masks, ancient civilizations and feats of derring-do.


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