Beware of Russian Mail Order Brides

I got this email today:

Lee,       11-2-05
I have a ‘must’ write book for you of my life.I am going through  CONSTANT TERRORISM with the following:
Burglary of my home, office, apartment, storage units.
ID theft of my personal identity, business- hostile take over.
I think I know the people doing this.
I have had to move approximately 10 times this year due to stalking, theft
and invasion of home while I was locked in a bathroom for 2-3 hours.
My office has been like a revolving door for these thieves where they have
made my medical business their own office.  They have taken over the patient
accounts, ID"s, prepared records for billing, forged Dr’s signatures by using a
stamp, bank embezzlement, entered into contracts with vendors using my
signature, opened up a bank account using my forged signature without
authorization, credit card fraud,  inventory theft and personal item
theft, stolen my web business,  followed me and now attempting to enter my
friend’s home( where I have been sleeping at night for the last couple of
weeks).  My former employees would not drink or eat anything left in my office
due to possible poisoning.  They have also constantly been in and out of my car
looking for things.  Last night they left in a cup holder  a 357 magnum bullet
for me to find.
I am very serious about all of this.  The police have done nothing.  I am
in fear of my life.
Hopefully, if you are interested you can write a book to show how
vulnerable we are.  Maybe this will help someone else.
I am not trying to be dramatic but I hope I will be around for a while. 
Let me know if you wish to talk.
Every form of communication is compromised including my living space.
E mail from someone else’s computer is my only secure way of communication
at this point.

Within minutes of receiving that message, I got this follow-up:


I need money and that is why I need this book
written besides trying to help someone else.
I am very sincere.  This is urgent.  If you
can’t or find you are not interested, please give me another name to

If you have ever lived in Virginia Beach since you
were in the Navy, you know the incompetent police we have here.  They are living
in the 19th century rather than the 21st.  They have not realized that high tech
crime in here to stay. 

I am a test victim for the theives that I am having to
deal with now.  I am not sure why I was picked other than a 100 percent female
owned web medical business and a Durable Medical Equipment  Medical business
with no family here. Also,  I was a millionaire last year and now trying to
figure out how to pay my bills now.

The people that have targeted me are professionals.  I believe the woman of the team was trained.  She was a Russian mail order bride.

Why do people like this write to me? And what make her think I was in the Navy? If you would like to write a book on this woman’s life, let me know and I will be glad to pass along her email address.

17 thoughts on “Beware of Russian Mail Order Brides”

  1. Lee,
    Heard the expression, “Paranoia is just an elevated state of awareness?”
    Sadly the author sounds delusional to the point of needing medical or some sort of professional attention. I have a feeling that any help you provide will eventually come to be seen a threat. Stay away.

  2. Hmmm, this sounds remarkably similar to a customer of a government agency for which I once consulted.
    On his loan application, which ran to some 29 pages of gibberish, the gentleman – from prison, no less – informed us of how the agency had to help because the Clintons, Bush family, Russian mafia, and Illuminati were all trying to oppress him by ruining his life, family, finances, and shooting his dog.
    I’m still not sure how the Department of Education was supposed to help.

  3. I think a lot of these are fakes. They’re just being creative.
    I do this occasionally when I get no responses from emailing my resume for new assistant type jobs, internships, etc.
    I got so fed up I created a fake resume with former jobs such as Special Events Coordinator for NAMBLA, Retired Arms Dealer, Freelance Ninja, etc etc….just for shits and giggles.
    Twice I got replies from people who really thought I worked for NAMBLA..which is kind of sad…cuz the name I put on the resume was Jack Knoff w/ the note (but you can call me Seabass)
    …you figure they would have gotten the joke.

  4. You’re right, Bryan. I forgot about that. I also said I was a sexual surrogate, a Pierce Brosnan impersonator and spent my free time mapping the human genome. I was clearly JOKING.

  5. Actually, this would make for a pretty novel/movie/whatever, if it were true. The CIA, for no reason whatsoever, just decides to screw around mercilessly with some poor SOB’s life. And Lee, it IS funny how you never get around to mentioning your long years in the navy….

  6. Actually, this would make for a pretty good novel/movie/whatever, if it were true. The CIA, for no reason whatsoever, just decides to screw around mercilessly with some poor SOB’s life. And Lee, it IS funny how you never get around to mentioning your long years in the navy….

  7. It would explain his working on Baywatch, SeaQuest, and Flipper. I’m sure that the victim dressed as a mermaid at the beginning of The Past Tense is code for…something.
    Hmm, the black helipcoter has been flying around the building for quite awhile…

  8. >I believe the woman of the team was trained.
    >She was a Russian mail order bride.
    How on earth would the victim know that one of her oppressors was a mail order bride? Did she overhear huge chunks of bad dialogue like “As you know, Igor, I was trained to be a mail order bride”.
    And what does training have to do with being a mail order bride?


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