Good News

Fast track final poster I have no AC and no hot water at home today…but at least I have no shortage of good news. 

My editor just told me that MR. MONK AND THE DIRTY COP was in the top ten bestselling hardcover mysteries at Barnes & Noble last week. So I guess I can afford all the workers in the house today.

And I've just learned that my 2008 movie FAST TRACK: NO LIMITS, which has been broadcast, screened or released on DVD everywhere in the world but here, is finally coming out on DVD in the U.S. in October. The trailer has had 275,000+ hits on YouTube, so I guess there's an audience for it.


I just received the Canadian DVD release of my movie FAST TRACK: NO LIMITS…but I don't understand the teaser line on the cover:

Fast…Furious…No Limits. If Time is Money, What's Your Quarter Mile?

What does that mean? How is that supposed to entice me into renting/buying the DVD?

The movie is now also available on DVD in ChinaJapan , Australia , Thailand and Spain... as well as many other countries (but not yet in the U.S.). You can also find DVDs of FAST TRACK on Ebay.


I have no idea who this guy is…or where he saw FAST TRACK…but he gave the movie a rave:

The lives of four characters criss-cross when each of them gets
involved with the world of illegal street racing.  And lots of fun it
is, too. Lee Goldberg has created four very interesting characters and set up some cool
dynamics between all of them.  It's got a few good stunts here and
there, but most of the two hour pilot is devoted to the relationships
betweeen the characters: the deeply-in-debt owner of a garage and her
boyfriend, a cop who secretly street races for thrills.  Her friend,
Mike, wants to be a street racer if she will give him the chance.  She
won't, but a rich, bored trophy wife is happy to jump into his world,
and he's happy to jump into her bed in return.  There's some criminal
hijinks and a few gun battles along the way and – by the end of it all
– the four leads have bonded into a very unusual team.  I would love to
see more.

Thanks Michael!


FAST TRACK: NO LIMITS, the movie that I wrote and produced in Berlin
this time last year, is opening in theatres in China this week. The first poster is the one they are using to advertise the movie. The second poster is from Japan. I'm hoping the studio can get their hands on a couple for me!L_1043635_08fa453c


Evolution of a Poster

Posting Victor’s covers reminded me that I never shared with you the evolution of the FAST TRACK movie/sales poster. There were several steps in between, but these three pretty give you a sense of how it evolved. The third poster is the final one…

Der Deutsche Fernsehpreis

The other night I went to the Deutsche Fernsehpreis — the German equivalent of the Emmy Awards. Their awards show is every bit as long as the Emmys and even duller, and I’m not just saying that because I didn’t understand a word that was said. There was no entertainment value to the program. They didn’t have any musical numbers, no clip montages, no actual entertainment at all. Granted, some presenters made some jokes, but the flatness of the show made me appreciate just how good American awards shows are (the orchestra played the same piece of music every time a category was announced and every time someone won…I don’t know why they didn’t just have it on tape).

But I really enjoyed the before-party and after-party. It was odd being in a room full of "celebrities" and not knowing/recognizing 99.9% of them. I couldn’t look into the sea of faces and know who the "stars" were. They all just looked like normal people, which just goes to show how illusory celebrity really is. The guy I chatted with at the buffet could have been the biggest star in Germany or a waiter…I wouldn’t have known the difference.  In a way, though, it made it a lot easier for me to talk with people. I was never nervous or intimidated talking with anyone. 

I spoke to with lots of writers, producers, actors, and executives. I was struck by how many people I knew after only a year of working here off-and-on. I was also surprised by how many people knew me…people I had never met before but had heard about the work I was doing in Germany or who had heard my speech at the Cologne Conference. 

I ended up stay at the party into the wee hours of the morning which, combined with my jet-lag, wiped me out on Sunday. I was so tired that I went to bed at 8:30 pm and awoke at 3 this morning (it’s now 5:25 am).

I am about to watch the half-hour  "The Making of FAST TRACK" documentary (which will go on the DVD) and make my final edit notes before it’s locked. And then at 8 am, I head in to the studio to do the final sound mix on FAST TRACK. Tuesday I am viewing the color-corrected film, and placing the on-screen credits, and then I will finally be done with the movie/pilot. I head back to Los Angeles on Wednesday.

In the Mix

I am leaving today for Germany, where I will be speaking at the Cologne Conference on Friday and then supervising the final sound mix on FAST TRACK, which should be fun. With luck, I will be back in Los Angeles by the end of next week.

I am chugging along on MR. MONK GOES TO GERMANY…which is due very soon…and actually visiting the place where the book is set again should give me a fresh jolt of inspiration. And then I want to jump back into my screenplay adaptation of GUN MONKEYS.