Can HELLO LARRY Be Far Behind?

Lotsaluck_completeseriesAfter years of letter-writing, praying and dreaming… the long wait is finally over. All 22 episodes of the 1973 flop sitcom LOTSA LUCK, starring Dom DeLuise, are coming out on DVD.

And if you’re one of the tens of thousands of people who’ve been pining for the DVD release of the 1967 flop sitcom GOOD MORNING WORLD, the complete series of 26 episodes starring Ronnie Schell is  also headed to a Best Buy near you. While you’re there, don’t forget to pick up the complete series sets of THE JOEY BISHOP SHOW,  FAR OUT SPACE NUTS, THAT’S MY MAMA, NED AND STACY, TABITHA and PINK LADY AND JEFF.

11 thoughts on “Can HELLO LARRY Be Far Behind?”

  1. Can the complete series DVD Special Edition of HEAD CASES be far behind?
    On a serious note, I hold out hope for a release of DARKROOM, a 1980/81 horror anthology show that was hosted by the late James Coburn. Every geek has his or her dream, that’s mine. Well that and TALES FROM THR DARKSIDE, MONSTERS and FREDDY’S NIGHTMARES DVD sets getting released someday. Those cheesy 80’s anthology shows just made TV watchable for me.

  2. I’m sure the failed spin-offs THE ROPERS (from THREE’S COMPANY), FLORENCE (from THE JEFFERSONS) and ENOS (from THE DUKES OF HAZZARD) will be hittings the shelves in time for Christmas.

  3. And I’m serious about wanting the DVD release fo “Frank’s Place”. Set in a New Orleans restaurant and starring Tim Reid, it was one of the best shows no one ever saw but me.

  4. Blansky’s Beauties, starring the Bounty Quicker Picker up woman (Nancy Walker?…she was the cranky housekeeper on McMillian and Wife…the female Uncle Charlie)…and a VERY young, pre-Chachi Scott Biao…when, when?
    Mr. T and Tina?

  5. If they are going to release a comedy that ran only a year, why can’t they release one that ran for three and half years. To me Cybill was one of the funniest shows produced for TV. What is the holdup?


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