Cluck Cluck

I’m heading down to La Quinta soon for Thanksgiving with my family. My brother Tod and his wife Wendy are hosting the feast this year, to be attended by my mother, my sisters, and their families. I heard that steak and lobster are on the menu, along with some Julian Apple Pies and other assorted diet-busters (alas, no turkey this year). Over the next couple of days, you won’t find me around here muhc, I’ll be hanging out with my Mom at the nickel slots at the Fantasy Springs Casino or catching THE ICE HARVEST (based on our friend Scott’s terrific book) with Tod at the local multiplex.

4 thoughts on “Cluck Cluck”

  1. I’m a San Diego native who also loves Julian. The town, the pies, you name it. Many years ago we even adopted a cat there who’d been abandoned, and we named him Julian. Hope you and yours enjoyed your pie. 🙂

  2. Ah, Julian Pies! One of the few things I miss about San Diego. But then, I lived in Rancho Bernardo and if you remember that bumper sticker that was once popular down there-“There’s no life west of I-5” -then you’ll understand.
    Am I gonna get flack for that? Rancho Bernardo back in the early eighties was Stepford Wives in living color.


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