Fletch Returns

Variety reports that Kevin Smith is out and SCRUBS showrunner Bill Lawrence is in to write and direct a movie version of FLETCH WON, from the novel by Gregory McDonald. FLETCH WON is a prequel to the original FLETCH novel, which was adapted in 1985 as a lousy Chevy Chase movie and inspired a even worse sequel film, FLETCH LIVES.

5 thoughts on “Fletch Returns”

  1. Your view that Fletch was a lousy film simply show how little time you spent drunk in the 1980s and 90s. Had you been a frat boy like your younger, better looking brother, you’d understand the brilliance of the Fletch movie. It’s all ball bearings.

  2. I like the idea of Bill Lawrence doing Fletch Won. Wouldn’t it be something if Zach Braff played the young Fletch? I could easily see him in the role.
    As for the Chevy Chase movies…I agree that Fletch Lives wasn’t very good, but the first Fletch movie was absolutely hilarious.
    Putting it on Mr. Underhill’s account,

  3. Fletch was an entertaining movie. Its sequel, however, was yet another example of attempting to milk something farther than it’s able to produce.
    Any ideas as to why Kevin Smith was pulled?

  4. Has Kevin Smith ever directed a film that wasn’t one of his own? And I think a decent reason why he won’t be directing Fletch could be summed up by watching all of his movies since Chasing Amy.


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