Mr. Monk and the Signings

The fine folks over at the Monk Fun Page write about attending my L.A.Bookstore14
signings  for MR. MONK GOES TO HAWAII. They’ve posted lots of pictures and excerpts from our talk. The picture on the left is me, along with Terry Erdmann and Paula Block, authors of THE MONK EPISODE GUIDE, at Mysteries to Die For. The picture of yours truly on the right was taken at The Mystery Bookstore. Here are some excerpts from our talk, as recorded by the gang at the Monk  Fun  Page:

"Now I just walk in and out of the [Monk]  set. They think I’m part of the
crew and it’s really, really nice." – Terry
"They  always have security drag me away.  I’m not sure why that is."  — Lee
"I told them to." – Terry

"I  was in Beverly Hills and I saw a woman with a brooch that was a live cockroach. And I thought, this is  going in the next book." —  Lee

"[Monk and Natalie] both lost their spouses.  So they’re both lost. In some ways
that’s why I find her a richer character  than Sharona, is they have a pain  that binds then together rather  than just an employment agreement."  — Lee

On the same webpage, you can also find pictures and quotes from my Mysteries To Die For signing in February for MR. MONK GOES TO THE FIREHOUSE.

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  1. My favorite caption: “Lee Goldberg has a sincere moment[.]”
    There’s a nice picture of me and Bettie Rae in the signing line, as well as a fair-to-middling closeup of my left earlobe.


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