Get Branded

Cover3med My buddy Axel Brand's latest mystery, NIGHT MEDICINE is now available on the Kindle. This is the third book in the acclaimed Joe Sonntag series…the first of which, THE HOTEL DICK, was published top wide acclaim in hardcover by Five Star some years ago (and is not yet  available in e-format).  The second Sonntag tale, THE DEAD GENIUS, comes out in hardcover from Five Star in August. Here's the skinny on NIGHT MEDICINE…

It's summer, 1948, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The body of a lovely, well-dressed young woman is discovered at the Washington Park Zoo, near the lion cages. She is lying in a bed of ferns, her arms folded over her breast, her skirts smoothed and her legs straight. Nearby a lioness prowls her cage. Clearly, someone cared about this unknown young woman, and laid her out as if she were in a funeral home. Why she was placed there, in that fashion, is a riddle that Detective Joe Sonntag and his gifted staff try to solve.His quest leads him into strange dark corners, where compassion and death intersect.

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