I Wanna Get You Hooked…

0316 Goldberg ecover JUDGEMENT …so, for a very limited time, JUDGMENT, the first book in the four-book JURY SERIES, is now just 99 cents

This is an ALL-NEW edition, completely reformatted and repackaged for 2011.

JUDGMENT is the classic action/adventure novel that was a runaway paperback sensation under the title ".357 Vigilante" back in the 1980s…and was immediately snatched up by New World Pictures for a feature film (that, sadly, never happened).

But that screenplay adaptation launched my partnership with William Rabkin and our careers as screenwriters, so this book will always hold a very, very special place in my heart.

This is the ultimate JUDGMENT, as it was originally meant to be, taken from the original, first-draft manuscript. 

Brett Macklin was a freewheeling son of sunny California, a collector of vintage cars and a connoisseur of beautiful women. But when his father is murdered by a street gang, Macklin becomes something else–a deadly weapon against crime, a relentless vigilante who won't stop until he's wiped out the killers who have turned Los Angeles into a war zone. 

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0317 Goldberg ecover ADJOURNED

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And all four books in one:

0298 Goldberg ecover The Jury Series

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  1. Sadly, today’s special deal not available on the Nook (I had a sizable stock of epub books, which ruled out the Kindle’s relatively closed ecosystem).
    But — in a wholly selfless attempt to help you make up your losses in the Kobo fiasco — bought the whole series instead.
    And here I’m not even really much of a pulp reader.


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