IAMTW Announces The Scribe Awards


The International Association of Media Tie-In Writers (IAMTW) is dedicated to enhancing the professional and public image
of tie-in writers…to working with the media to review tie-in novels
and publicize their authors…and to providing a forum for tie-in writers to share
information, support one another, and discuss issues relating to our
field (via a monthly e-newsletter, our website, and our active yahoo discussion group).
Our members include authors active in many other professional writer
organizations (MWA, PWA, WGA, SFWA, etc.) and who share their unique
perspectives with their fellow tie-in writers.

It is with great pleasure that the IAMTW announces that we are now accepting submissions for the first annual Scribe Awards, recognizing excellence in the field of media tie-in writing.

The Scribe Awards and How You Can Enter:

The International Association of Media Tie-in Writers will
present six awards in three categories  for books published in 2006. We will also honor one "Grandmaster"
for career achievement in the field.

The Categories:

Speculative Fiction (Science fiction, Fantasy, Horror):
Best Novel (adapted) A licensed novelization based on an existing
screenplay, whether its a feature film, episodic teleplay, computer
game, script, or play.
Best Novel (original) A licensed, original
novel using pre-existing characters or worlds from a movie, television
series, computer game, play, or an existing series of novels (ie new
novels extending a literary franchise, ie DUNE, James Bond, etc.)

General Fiction: (Mysteries, Thrillers, Westerns, Suspense,  Historicals, Romances)
Best Novel (adapted)
Best Novel

Young Adult (all genres)
Best Novel (adapted)
Best Novel (original)

Grandmaster (For career achievement)

The judging committees are made up of three of your peers from within
the organization, writers who know the unique obstacles and
restrictions that tie-in writers face, because they are tie-in writers
themselves. The judges will read all the submissions in their category
and select both the nominees and the winners (a system patterned after
the Mystery Writers of America and the Private Eye Writers of America
among others).

Rules for Submission

* Authors can submit multiple titles, but only ONE BOOK PER
CATEGORY/ONE CATEGORY PER BOOK (i.e. you can’t submit the same book in
two different categories or multiple titles in one category. Authors
who’ve done several books in any one category need to pick the one
title that seems strongest and submit only that).

* Only authors
can submit their books for consideration but we encourage you to have
your editors/publishers send the actual books on your behalf so you
don’t have to raid your author’s copies or pay the postage.
*Judges can submit their work, but obviously not in the categories they  are judging.
*The book must be a licensed work published for the first time between
Jan 1, 2006 and Dec. 31, 2006. Only books with a copyright date of 2006
will be eligible for consideration. Though novels published through
December 31, 2006, are eligible, entrants are required to get copies of
eligible work into the hands of the category judges no later than
December 1st, to allow adequate time to review the titles. Galleys are
* All entrants MUST include a cover letter with each
book. The cover letter must include the following information: the
Category you are entering, Title of the Book, Name of the Author,
Publication Date, Editor & Publisher, and email & "snailmail"
addresses and phone numbers for the author and editor.
* A copy of all submissions — the book and
cover letter — should be  sent to each judge in the category you are entering and to the IAMTW. Please send an email to tieinwriters@yahoo.com for a list of judges for each category and their mailing addresses. IAMTW members can find the list in the "members only" section of the website.
* Submission is free for any IAMTW member. Non-members must pay a $10
fee for each submission to cover our costs (payable via Paypal or by
check to IAMTW, PO Box 8212, Calabasas, CA 91372).

*A list of all the books submitted will be posted on our site and
updated regularly. The nominees will be announced, to entrants and the
media, in February 2007. The location and date of the awards ceremony
is TBD.

2 thoughts on “IAMTW Announces The Scribe Awards”

  1. Sorry to be pedantic, but “only ONE BOOK PER CATEGORY” has a different meaning to the explanation “ie you can’t submit the same book in two different categories”. The explanation would mean ONE CATEGORY PER BOOK.
    One book per category would mean you can’t submit multiple books in a single category.

  2. What I’d like to know is, has Lori Jareo submitted her Star Wars Tie-In for consideration?
    Or are you only accepting commercial books?


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