7 thoughts on “Life on Mars…the Spanish Version”

  1. Vince: Actual LIFE ON MARS (BBC) is a superb show, start to finish, as its is sequel ASHES TO ASHES.
    Lee: Thanks for feeding us these foreign editions, very interesting to look at. Have you had a look at an entire episode of LAW & ORDER UK yet? I think it’s quite good and am honestly surprised that it hasn’t gotten scooped up by a US cable station for summer airing (only 7 episodes produced, like a typical British series, so a full season isn’t ready yet).
    I’m still looking for PARIS ENQUETES CRIMINELLES…

  2. I’ve seen all seven episodes of L&O:UK and think that they are very strong (in fact, the series is made by the same production company that gave us LIFE ON MARS). The casting of the leads is particularly good.
    I’ve also seen several episodes of PARIS ENQUETES CRIMINELLES…but I can’t really follow it because my French is so bad (even though I have been married to a French woman for twenty years). I can’t honestly tell if its any good…or if it captures the charms of L&O:CI very well.

  3. Lee — loved the Life On Mars Spanish Version…and amused by the advert that runs during the video “Self Publish for free!”
    Burl Barer
    on literary death march on WHY SHE KILLED HIM for Pinnacle True Crime.


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