Author Photos for the Dead

N1283367977_30270780_7984 Can you believe that picture? It's the author photo and profile picture for Judith Gilbert, a stranger who asked to be my friend on Facebook today.  That picture looks like something you might see at a funeral home. She looks like she died and went on to horse heaven (I'm surprised that she didn't work a few unicorns, doves, and cats in there, too).  

I have a hard time reconciling that author photo with the cover of BLOOD HUNT, her latest e-book (the guy is either having an orgasm or trying to pass a very large gall-stone).

I'm sure Judith is a very sweet lady (and I'm not just saying that because she's a kick-boxer who could break me in two if she got pissed) but she might want to rethink the image she's creating for herself. She might start with one that doesn't make her seem, well, dead.


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