Mr. Monk in Trouble

Here's the full dust-jacket for MR. MONK IN TROUBLE, which comes out in December. There will also be an excerpt from the book in the November issue of ELLERY QUEEN MYSTERY MAGAZINE. (You can click on the photo for a larger image)

Monk in trouble dust jacket

5 thoughts on “Mr. Monk in Trouble”

  1. It looks like there’s an ad for the Monk TV show, which “ends” this summer. Guess USA will be re-running episodes when the book comes out?

  2. Jon,
    There are excerptsfrom your reviews on the TROUBLE dust jacket as well as the paperback of MR. MONK IS MISERABLE (out now) and on the dust jacket of the upcoming DIRTY COP.

  3. Dear Lee Goldberg,
    I love the Monk books so much. Thank you for being such a wonderful writer for the Monk series, and having a very systematic approach to publishing the books, (Summer and Winter). I love the organization. I can’t wait to read Mr. Monk in Trouble. I got the Dirty Cop, the day before it came out (Amazon does that), and finished in a matter of hours. I really liked the narration and jokes, as well as the plot. Sharing some of the same qualities as Monk, I really relate to your books. Keep on writing. Cheers,


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