Mr. Monk Basks in the Glow

Three more bloggers have given MR. MONK GOES TO HAWAII kudos. Gerald So says:

Mr, Monk Goes to Hawaii is an
ideal summer read, a rambling tale to match an exotic setting. Several
side mysteries show Monk’s quirks as seen by the more practical
Natalie, yet Goldberg keeps a confident hand on the story, eventually
putting every strand in place just as Monk and his fans would have it.

Meanwhile, the folks over at MyShelf enjoy seeing things from Natalie’s POV:

Natalie’s point of view provides an unexpected and delightful twist. Goldberg nails Monk’s intriguing and complex character. Natalie and Monk’s interactions are laugh-out-loud funny. Find
Mr. Monk Goes to Hawaii and take a humorous trip through murder and deceit!

Cynthia Clark at Future Mystery Magazine says: 

        You don’t have to be a fan of MONK or to have ever watched an episode
        on television to enjoy this fast paced, witty, quirky, yet charming suspense.
        Mr. Goldberg has once again captured the nuances and idiosyncrasies of
        Mr. Monk and of OC (obsessive compulsive) sufferers. Mr. Goldberg makes
        us laugh as he takes us on Monk’s wild Hawaiian ride solving numerous
        crimes. Only Monk could find a paradise like Hawaii to be a health risk,
        and barbaric — roasting a pig in the ground? Mr. Goldberg gives us just
        enough clues to let us be MONK if we dare….I read this book in one sitting
        and loved every moment of it. I felt the tug of heart strings with Mitch
        and Trudy. I laughed, I was sad, I plotted who done it, but mostly, I
        loved it! An excellent escape, a great read.

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