On the Tour

PICT0002I was up in Northern California last weekend, speaking/signing at Rossmoor, a retirement community outside of my hometown of Walnut Creek. That’s my daughter Maddie in the picture, who has promised to support me with her writing… and get us a condo at Rossmoor for our retirement (Hawaii, she’s decided, is just too far and inconvenient for a woman with her busy schedule).

From Rossmoor, we headed down to Monterey for the East of Eden writing conference, where I was the keynote speaker on Friday night (followed by Jeffrey Deaver on Saturday). We had a marvelous time… even though I dropped a piece of chocolate cake in my lap before I spoke…. a situation I made a lot worse by trying to wipe it off with water in the men’s room. I looked like a guy with a severe bladder control problem. Thankfully, I had a jacket that covered up my, um, stain… that said, it made for a funny intro into my talk. Most people thought I was joking about the accident. I wasn’t. But it went so well, I might just drop some food in my lap before my talk at Bouchercon in October…

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