Let’s see… the Bush administration finally admits that there are secret CIA prisons abroad, the Bush Administration wants  "evidence" extracted using torture to be admissable in court, and the Bush administration not only lied to us about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction, but it turns Iraq never supported Bin Laden, either. So what are the Democrats in an uproar about? Some cheesy TV movie that implies that 9/11 happened because President Clinton was too busy getting blowjobs from Monica Lewinsky. Unbelieveable. Where are their priorities?

Speaking of THE PATH TO 9/11, my friend Bryce Zabel sent me the photo on the left…note the similarities between the ad campaign for the TV movie and his cult-hit TV series (Click on the image for a larger view)

9 thoughts on “Priorities”

  1. “Road to 9/11” couldn’t even get basic facts like the name of the airlines right. The miniseries apparently claims Mohammed Atta was let through security by American Airlines, despite a warning coming up on the computer. Actually, it was US Air who let him through.
    I hope American sues their asses off.

  2. Unfortunately, I think most Americans are going to tune out what’s in the news, such as the Bush’s revelation, but definitely fixate on what they see in a fictional program as true.
    The Democrats recognized this – they’ve used it to their advantage in the past, I’ll bet! – and that’s why they’re turning up the heat on that issue instead.

  3. I think the democrats see this more of a inroad into the media than anything else. With people like O’Reilly spinning a lot of bad (and often unreliable) press about anyone that oppose the right-wing view, a ‘documentary’ like this with so many holes and factual errors and such an obvious partisan bias (apparently the reason it runs without adverts is because the father of the director’s christian right-wing group put $40M into the project) are an easy target to call out.
    If the petitions and lawsuits succeed in damaging the people that made this very flawd documentary, it’ll put the brakes on anyone else trying to do similar – make the media think twice before bending the truth. In a world where the media’s ‘liberal bias’ has been reversed, that can only be good for the democratic party.

  4. Remember what it felt like after, when we were all pulling together? I don’t care what side you’re on: that there ARE sides is pathetic. That this is happening means they win.

  5. Its all political babble. Throw the whole lot of politicians (dem, rep, ind, all of them) in jail and hold new elections for every seat. Then maybe we might get somewhere in this country.

  6. They’re right to make a stink about the mini-series. It will soon enter the popular culture, get a DVD release and people will stumble across it for years later, long after the furor pointing out how bogus it is has died down.

  7. Hi Lee.
    It wasn’t the blowjob. The man proved he could conduct business DURING a hummer for God’s sake. It was the impeachment proceedings that distracted Clinton from more important matters? His admiistration was serious enough about Al Qaeda to have a drone following Osama (which the Bush administration, IIRC, cancelled shortly after the inauguration.)
    I agree with Toby and Harry, it’s possible more people will watch the miniseries and believe it than will read newspaper reports about Bush’s malfeasance.
    The Democrats have their head up their butts though, can’t get a grip on the real issues. They could be shooting fish in a barrel. Instead, they’re falling all over themselves.


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