The Mail I Get – How Not To Solicit A Blurb Edition

I get a lot of strangers asking me to read and blurb their books. What astonishes me is how little effort they put into personalizing their message or making their books sound even the least bit interesting. Here are some examples:

I'm a big fan of your work and preparing to publish my debut novel.  XYZ is 88k words in the mystery/suspense genre and in PDF form now.  A blurb from you would mean the world to me.  If you're amenable, I'll forward the MS to you. 

Oh, well, since it's 88,000 words, I must read it! I love books that are 88,000 words, especially if they are in PDF format. 

I have written a new book XYZ that I am doing indie and need recommendations from famous authors and you are well known. You don't even have to read the book and you will benefit from my sales because readers of my book will then search out yours, so its a win-win. 

So I should blurb a book I haven't read to reap the benefits of the exposure I'll get from being associated with a self-published novel by someone no one has ever heard of.  That's a damn persuasive argument. How could I resist?

I am writing to invite you to review my book, XYZ, which I have just published on Amazon. I got your address from your “Top Reviewer” profile. Please let me know if you are interested.

I actually get a ton of emails like that one from aspiring authors…there must be a form somewhere on Amazon that they can fill out. I wonder how often it works in getting blurbs for them…

3 thoughts on “The Mail I Get – How Not To Solicit A Blurb Edition”

  1. Oh, corks. I guess my asking you to blurb my Kardashians vs Transformers mystery/adventure/comedy/inspirational of 300,000 words (which I’ve not started yet, but I’m getting blurbs now to save time!) just ain’t gonna fly.
    I’ll see if Stephen King is up for it. He likes long books, I think.

  2. Man, I have to screw my courage to the sticking point to ask for a blurb from a friend. I don’t know if I’d have the gumption to request one from a total stranger.


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