The Price isn’t Right

Lots of scripted shows in recent years have moved their production from Los Angeles to New Mexico, North Carolina, New York, Toronto, Vancouver and even Bogota, Colombia . But you know things are really getting bad when even the cheap, non-scripted shows are fleeing the state. The LA Times reports today that the gameshow "Deal or No Deal" is saying "no deal" to California and high-tailing it to Connecticut.

The syndicated game show, hosted by comedian Howie Mandel, has been based out of the Culver Studios in Culver City for the last 3 1/2 years. But the show, which is produced by Endemol USA and distributed by NBC Universal, will shift production this summer to a studio in Waterford, Conn., to take advantage of that state's film and TV production tax breaks. Most of the 250 people who now work on "Deal or No Deal" will lose their jobs.

Connecticut offers a 30% production tax credit for films and digital media productions. NBC Universal, whose corporate parent General Electric Co. is based in Fairfield, Conn., already has announced plans to move three of its talk shows into a new production facility in Stamford, Conn.: "The Jerry Springer Show," "The Steve Wilkos Show," both from Chicago, and "Maury," from New York.

What's next to go — "The Price is Right?" "Ellen?" "The Tonight Show?" This is very bad news for all sectors of the entertainment industry in Southern California.

6 thoughts on “The Price isn’t Right”

  1. But could be good for the industry in general because real estate and labor prices are lower everywhere else and because if you spread your work out (rather like military contracts) you can get better benefits from politicians because it’s easier to get votes giving you things like tax breaks, etc.

  2. As a student looking to get into television production, what are the prospects in Chicago? Is there a city that’s good for getting your feet in the door?

  3. As a viewer I like to see shows in more places than just California and New York. Also, I’m a writer on one of those scripted shows in Toronto.
    It really is just globalization, Hollywood has been selling its products around the world forever and still comes out way ahead.

  4. Bad news for the denizens of SoCal. However, very good news for those who’d like to work in film or television, but can’t move to LA.


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