The Flash in the Pan

Flash_completeYet another flop TV series I didn’t write or produce is being released on DVD. All 22 episodes of the one-season bomb THE FLASH are coming to DVD in a boxed set.

Not that this is related to THE FLASH…but since I’m talking about TV shows on DVD today, I thought I’d mention that  Universal is finally releasing SEAQUEST on DVD. The complete first season, starring Roy Scheider before his face lift,  is being released in December. I’m looking forward to the release of the 13 episodes from Season 3, when the show was retitled SEAQUEST 2032 and starred Michael Ironside (that was the season I worked on).

10 thoughts on “The Flash in the Pan”

  1. Is that a heartfelt hooray or an ironic hooray? I used to read the Flash comicbooks and if the show has any soul, I’d like to see it. Cancellation signifies nothing… the fact that they cancelled EERIE, INDIANA doesn’t diminish my regard for it.
    And hell, here in the UK a 22-show run would be a major success!

  2. In my childhood The Flash was always one of those second-rank characters who nestled in comfortably behind the big-hitters like Batman or Spiderman… Green Lantern, The Atom, the Martian Manhunter. The Flash could carry his own book but Superman was in a different league — he could carry a publisher.
    I’ve kept my affection for many of them, even though they were effectively niche heroes. But what puzzles me is why anyone ever thought that The Hulk was a subject for a megabudget movie.

  3. The Flash was a fun series for which comics writer-artist Howard Chaykin was a primary writer. I recall that the actor playing the title character later appeared on NYPD BLUE as a cop. One of his lines was, “I lost my flash money,” referring to an undercover cop’s prop money. And in true NYPD BLUE tradition, he “flashed” the viewers.


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