The General Picked Me!

I got this email today:

Hello Friend,
I am General Oliver Okwara (retired). I Live in Victoria Islands, Nigeria, Africa Continent.
After a careful study of your economy, I have chosen to make substantial investments for my children in your country, if you are willing to guide or represent my interest in your country. I look forward to communicate further with you.

Thank you

Gen.Oliver Okwara Rtd

I’m flattered that after all that careful study the General picked me, a lowly tv writer and novelist, out of everybody else in America to advise him on his investments. This is obviously a very intelligent man. I’ve emailed him back asking him what I can do to help and if he has any TV series ideas I can pitch for him. 

3 thoughts on “The General Picked Me!”

  1. Tell him there’s a big future in fanfic. The market cries out for a magazine by former hurt/comfort writers. He could supply the seed money.
    What could they call it? How about THE PURITY OF HER SOUL?
    Nah! Just tell him to snap up all the MCI stock he can while it’s still cheap.

  2. You lucky son-of-a-gun! I just got an email telling me that distance relatives of mine were killed in a plane crash and I stand to inherit their money.
    Did you know that an angel gets their wings everytime you help those poor Nigerians with their money woes?
    The internet is a wonderful place.


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