The Primetime Dead

138_1The triggermen at the networks have very itchy fingers. The WB killed Jerry Bruckheimer’s JUST LEGAL, starring Don Johnson, after a mere three episodes and NBC aborted INCONCEIVABLE, starring Angie Harmon, after only two airings. 

But there was some good news for a couple of freshman shows — SUPERNATURAL on the WB and MY NAME IS EARL on NBC got  full season pick-ups.  Variety predicts that full season pick-ups are in the offing for CBS’s "How I
Met Your Mother," "Criminal Minds" and "Ghost Whisperer"; Fox’s "Bones"; and
ABC’s "Commander In Chief."

Midseason shows are already being lined up. NBC has greenlit 13 episodes of Dick Wolf’s CONVICTION, a series about prosecutors that will scavenge left-over sets from LAW AND ORDER: TRIAL BY JURY. Variety reports there’ s a possibility that new Wolf show may yet become part of the LAW AND ORDER franchise.

4 thoughts on “The Primetime Dead”

  1. “In the criminal justice system, there are two types of people: The police who investigate crime, and the prosecutors who take a suspect to trial. These are the people who ticket their cars while they’re in the courthouse forgetting to feed the meter.”
    Coming February, 2006

  2. I am SO relieved to see Inconceivable get the boot. That show was awful–the network/writers/whoever decided the drama was in the sex and not in the human story.
    As someone seeking the treatment for infertility, I found the show incredibly insensitive and offensive and full of fuel for right wing politicians who want to oversee my medical decisions.
    There’s actually a politician in Indiana trying to pass a law that would require all people seeking infertility treatment to be evaluated by social workers including a review of their morals and values.
    Meanwhile I’m slowly going bankrupt b/c of the cost of treatment since society doesn’t view fertility as essential, something I find ironic when we have a declining birthrate (and an increasing infertility rate–the data is just starting to come in showing this).
    And then there are the people who tell me to just ‘go and buy a chinese baby already’.
    I think these personal/real experiences are pretty good examples of how the network/writers/whoever missed the boat on where the drama was in their premise.
    So, to reiterate, I am SOOOOOOO glad that show was cancelled. You have no idea.
    Thanks for letting me vent.


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